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Recover deleted files in an easy way


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If you are usually using the computer and working with lots of similar folders and files, or if you only use the computer sometimes to view photos or videos, you may have an annoying and frustrating problem: You can delete files by mistake. If you make that mistake, stop worrying now and follow these simple stepsl let's solve the problem using EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard is a program that will help you recovering those deleted files, no matter if they are photos, videos, music or any other kind of file.

Sometimes, those files are not very important, but many times, those files are the only copy or extremely important. In that case, the first thing we have to do is to stop doing anything on that HD. Don't copy anything on the HD you want to recover the files from and, of course, close the P2P program.

Then, download and install EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard (If you can install it in a different HD or partition, you'll be more likely to find and recover deleted files) and try to recover that data.

EASEUS Data REcovery Wizard is very easy to use, it's interface shows you 3 kinds of recovers, choose the one that suits your needs, follow the steps and cross your fingers.

It supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS.


The trial version allows you to view the deleted files but not to recover them.

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